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HAIVISION - Digital Signage & Network Video Solution

How You See Your World

Haivision is the global leader in delivering the most advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions. Haivision is the only company that offers complete end-to-end technology for video, graphics, and metadata in this field and makes this technology available as solutions through integrators and resellers worldwide. Haivision has specific expertise in the education, medical, government/military, enterprise/retail, and sports/entertainment markets.

Haivision Solutions: Haivision provides end-to-end solutions – the critical technology elements extending from media sources to viewers. Our hardware video encoders/decoders are world class with the Makito™ having revolutionized performance HD H.264 applications. The Furnace™ IP video system is unique in delivering 100% secure video recording and delivery, leveraging our patented InStream™ “zero footprint” desktop player. Our CoolSign™ digital signage software solution provides advanced endpoint communications to control and monitor all media elements. By offering end-to-end solutions, Haivision delivers performance and reliability from the content source through to viewing endpoints: to interactive telepresence-style suites, boardrooms, and conference theaters with the lowest latency, video to players and set-top-boxes for coordinated low cost media delivery, and to desktops and displays throughout an organization.

Haivision Story: Haivision is based in Montreal and Chicago, serving global markets via channel partners, systems integrators, and OEM partners. Haivision was the first company to develop advanced, high performance, and low latency H.264 codec technology. Since early 2009, we have been shipping our 4th generation H.264 implementation supporting high definition up to 1080p60. Today, we are viewed as the undisputed leader in performance IP Video delivery.