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ASC Recording Solution Contact Center
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Contact Center
Today, Contact Center operators face huge challenges.
Companies want to differentiate themselves from competitors, increase efficiency by using IT integrations and, at the same time, keep costs for staff and technology under control. This may also involve coordination with union representatives. Customers demand excellent service and expert consultation by well trained and motivated agents. Both companies and customers expect continuous quality improvement. Sophisticated software solutions from ASC support contact center operators in this process.

Financial Institution
Improved customer service with simultaneous reduction of costs and growing compliance regulations – these are the challenges in corporate finance.

Financial service providers who want to beat the competition must offer optimal customer service and deal with requests fast and accurately. Quality monitoring provides a comprehensive analysis of the actual level of service and helps management decide how to optimize workflows, sales approaches and the content of communications.Through evidential communications recording, financial institutions protect themselves against unjustified claims for damages. Documenting phone transactions is indispensable for contemporary risk management.

Public Safety - Prompt Help in Emergency Situations

Short response times are crucial in mission-critical situations. Communications recording in remote dispatch stations and control centers as well as flexible playback and analysis features can significantly improve reaction times. ASC provides the tools to reconstruct complete scenarios for after-the-fact evaluation. This post-event evaluation results in improvements for future missions and generally a higher level of security.

Air Traffic Control - Flight Security

Instructions from air traffic control are essential for flight security and safety. Air traffic control centers must record and archive all communications between the tower, pilots and ground personnel as well as radar information in case of an incident.

ASC Workforce Optimization with INSPIRATIONpro

What ASC offers:
• Recording and analysis of business communications
• Quality management solution
• Intelligent speech and text evaluation
• Efficient campaign analysis

What you get:
• Deeper insight into business processes
• Improved service and increased customer satisfaction
• Superior agent skills

+ Datasheet: INSPIRATIONpro (PDF Format)

ASC Professional Voice-over-IP Recording with EVOip

What ASC offers:
• Communications recording directly from the IP network
• High data security standard (PCI-DSS)
• Active, passive and hybrid recording
• Recording of encrypted calls
• Vendor-specific integrations for all major IP vendors

EVOip Server Software is...
• Flexible, scaleable and easy to configure
• Compatible with pure IP and hybrid recording in the same system
• Available for Linux and Windows operating systems
• A software-only Voice-over-IP recording solution

+ Datasheet: EVOip (PDF Format)

Universal Communications Recording Solution MARATHON EVOLUTION

What ASC offers:
• Communications recording solutions for traditional telephony, Voice over IP and radio
• For contact centers, financial institutions, air traffic control and public safety organizations
• Open and flexible interfaces for seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure
• Scaleable architecture and à-la-carte feature selection -- only purchase what you need

• MARATHON EVOlite -- compact system for up to 64 channels*
• MARATHON EVOLUTION -- universal communications recording solution for up to 720 channels*
• MARATHON EVOLUTION XXL -- high-end system for up to 1560 channels*

+ Datasheet: ASC Evolution (PDF Format)

Search-and-Replay at Your Fingertips: WEBplay, POWERplay, INSTANTplay, INSTANT WEBplay

What ASC offers:
• POWERplay, a high-end application for searchand- replay of recorded calls over the LAN or intranet
• WEBplay, a browser-based client application to retrieve and play back calls at anytime or anyplace
• INSTANT WEBplay and INSTANTplay, for immediate Search-and-replay applications:
• Integrate user-friendly interfaces with the highest security and privacy standards
• Allow access to calls and index data over local networks (LANs), intranet and the Internet

+ Datasheet: ASC Player (PDF Format)
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